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Presidential candidates, as well as @NLCHPhomeless, have been advancing the #HousingIsAHumanRight framework. Legal Director @EricTars reminded us that though many people are coming to know and understand a #HumanRights framework, this concept is not new.

Elected officials targeting people experiencing homelessness don’t realize “…it ends up costing two to three times more to cycle them through jails than to just provide housing.” #Right2Housing #HousingNotHandcuffs

Senior Attorney @GotNoPlace stated in @theappeal, “[Criminalizing homelessness] doesn’t help to reduce #homelessness and it doesn’t meet any of the purported policy goals behind those laws.” Check out our @HNHCampaign to learn more about working toward constructive solutions.

The Appeal@theappeal

News reports have suggested that the Dayton shooter may have been mentally ill, but Ohio’s psychiatric hospitals are filled to capacity with people charged with non-violent offenses who do not need to be there. Governor Mike DeWine wants to change that.

“Four months ago, the Browns said, Sheehy-Guiseppi was sleeping outside a Miami gym after spending his last $200 on training.” He got a chance to move on from his homelessness. Many do not. #Right2Housing @NFL @Browns @CNNHeroes @GKinder

BREAKING: The @realDonaldTrump administration’s #PublicCharge rule uses fear to harm immigrant families and increases their risk of homelessness. Check out the Law Center’s press release to learn more:

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