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Thanks to @HuffPost for covering the criminalization of #homelessness, as detailed in our #HousingNotHandcuffs 2019 report. “The picture it paints is one of homeless people facing more laws that are nearly impossible for them to obey…”

"Misdemeanor convictions can exclude someone from housing or subsidized housing. These laws worsen the problem." Laws that criminalize #homelessness can stop people from finding housing for future stability and success. Thanks @USAToday for covering.

Lack of affordable housing is a nationwide crisis. In Las Vegas, a mere 10% of extremely low income (ELI) renters even have a chance at housing—just one of many cities with too few units. Our #HousingNotHandcuffs 2019 report covers constructive solutions.

“The reality is it displaces people from where they are to locations where they attempt to hide and places that are less safe for them.” Thanks to @RouteFifty for covering our new report on criminalization, #HousingNotHandcuffs 2019.

The #Right2Housing needs to be acknowledged in order to end #homelessness in America. Our newest report covers how housing is cheaper and more effective than criminalization.

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