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October 2019

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Why districts spend millions to keep homeless students in place: ‘Changing schools is the last thing we want’

Seattle Times-9/01/2019

Why Modesto’s homeless tent city deserves praise

Modesto Bee-9/01/2019

To chase away homeless people, 7-Eleven stores in L.A. use classical music

Los Angeles Times-9/6/2019

Zanesville is known as the homelessness community

Zanesville Times Recorder-9/7/2019

Proposal would buy bus tickets for Seattle-area homeless

WSB-TV Atlanta-9/11/2019

Police chiefs and advocates for the homeless agree: Housing, not handcuffs, is the right way to deal with poverty

Washington Post-9/12/2019

Trump Administration’s Plan to Crack Down on Homeless Encampments Raises Alarms


El Dorado County experiences uptick in homelessness

El Dorado Village Life-9/15/2019

California officials urge Trump to increase federal aid to fight homelessness


Trump sees ‘liberal policies’ fueling California homeless crisis. What can he do about it?

Sacramento Bee-9/16/2019

Trump is vague on Los Angeles visit, homeless proposal

Walla Walla Union Bulletin-9/17/2019

Muchas personas han perdido su hogar. Ahora Trump dice que los indigentes “dañan el prestigio” de las ciudades (Many people have lost their home. Now Trump says that the homeless “damage the prestige” of cities)


L.A. Wanted to Use This Building as a Shelter. Now Trump Does Too.

City Lab-9/17/2019

Rainier Fruit brings back Pears for Pairs promotion

Produce Blue Book-9/17/2019

White House report urges deregulation to reduce homelessness

San Diego Union-Tribune-9/17/2019

 Newport considering campaign to encourage people to donate to charity, rather than give to panhandlers

Los Angeles Times-9/18/2019

Trump’s Plan To Crack Down On California’s Homeless Camps Raises Alarms And Potential Solutions


Democrats hate Trump’s plan for homelessness. But it’s their plan, too.

Washington Post-9/18/2019

White House Policy Paper on Homelessness Misrepresents Evidence, Drives Wrong Conclusions


California’s Homeless Advocates Puzzled By Trump’s Threats

National Public Radio-9/21/2019

10 Facts About Homelessness in the U.S.

U.S. News and World Report-9/23/2019

‘Absurd’ And ‘Dehumanizing’: D.C. Advocates Respond To White House Proposals To Fight Homelessness


Denver will now give notice before sweeping homeless camps

Colorado Politics-9/24/2019

L.A. City, Venice petition U.S. Supreme Court to overturn homeless lawsuit decision

Los Angeles Daily News-9/25/2019

Homeless people could lose the right to sleep on sidewalks if Western cities have their way

Los Angeles Times-9/25/2019

The city’s lawyers sought ‘friends’ for homeless camping case. 81 entities offered support

Idaho Statesman-9/27/2019

Cities, States Urge Supreme Court to Hear Homeless Camping Ban Case

Route Fifty-9/30/2019


Black Star News-9/30/2019

Cities Can’t Punish Homeless People For Sleeping On Street, Court Affirms

Huffington Post-4/1/19

Ruling protecting homeless who sleep in parks when they don’t have options remains

Modesto Bee-4/1/19

9th Circuit Court denies Boise’s request in homeless camping lawsuit

Idaho News-4/1/19

Court rules again: Homeless can still legally sleep in public

My Northwest-4/3/19

Court pours cold dose of reality on Seattle’s hot homelessness debate

Seattle Times-4/3/19

Court rules again: Homeless can still legally sleep in public


Ninth Circuit Court upholds ruling which states homeless persons cannot be punished for sleeping in cities that don’t offer alternatives

iFiber One News-4/4/19

Cities can’t criminalize homelessness, federal court affirms


Full 9th Circuit won’t review decision barring prosecution of homeless for sleeping on public property

ABA Journal-4/5/19

Citations soar for homeless on American River Parkway after ruling halts bans on camping

Sacramento Bee-4/7/19

Peter Boyles Wants to Kill Right to Survive Initiative Like He Did Safe Use Sites


Federal court: Cities cannot criminalize homelessness


Santa Cruz homeless camp to remain open

Santa Cruz Sentinel-4/10/19

Appeals court finds criminalizing homelessness unconstitutional

Real Change News-4/10/19

Cities can’t criminalize homelessness: Appeals court upholds ruling

Street Roots News-4/12/19

Report: Detroit, Cleveland among ‘neediest cities’ with highest poverty levels

D.C.’s homeless encampment ‘cleanups’ are only making things worse

Washington Post-4/19/19

Homeless Persons Cannot Be Punished for Sleeping in Absence of Alternatives, 9th Circuit Decision Establishes

Black Press USA-4/22/19

You asked, we answered: Where are people experiencing homelessness allowed to live?

The Desert Sun-4/23/19

Advocates Eye Legal Options as Homeless Are Ticketed Along River in Sacramento

KQED News-4/23/19

Legal landscape fast-moving in Santa Cruz homeless camp evictions

Santa Cruz Sentinel-4/24/19

Homeless Persons Cannot Be Punished for Sleeping in Absence of Alternatives, 9th Circuit Decision Establishes

The Chicago Crusader-4/24/19

Column: The root causes of homelessness

The Daily Lobo-4/25/19

It’s not a right if it can be taken away

The Stute-4/26/19

Dozens at large Minneapolis homeless camp find housing ahead of deadline


Loitering, panhandling can get you banned from Wilmington

Delaware Online-12/5/18

Tents to Rents helps Las Cruces homeless move into permanent housing

Las Cruces Sun-News-12/5/18

Islandwide Homeless Restrictions Approved — But Are They Legal?

Ban on pushy panhandlers quietly repealed: ‘This is an important victory’

Chicago Sun-Times-12/6/18

Vernon Davis Named Washington Redskins Nominee For Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year Award Presented By Nationwide

Washington, Massachusetts & Connecticut Best At Preventing Youth Homelessness; Alabama, South Carolina, Wyoming & Arkansas Rank Worst

Colorado Springs considers banning RVs from city streets, raising concerns among homeless advocates

The Gazette-12/10/18

Can homeless sleep on the streets? Phoenix area cities are rethinking bans

AZ Central-12/10/18

A Year Without Sleep: The Criminalization of Sleep in Durango, Colorado

ACLU Colorado-12/10/18

PRESS ROOM: Public Charge Rule Undermines Human Rights, Harms Families and Communities


Public Charge Rule Undermines Human Rights, Harms Families and Communities


A Year Without Sleep – ACLU & NLCHP Report Finds Durango has Criminalized Sleep for Homeless Residents

ACLU Colorado-12/12/18

ACLU of Colorado Blasts Durango for Keeping Homeless From Sleeping


Public Charge Rule Undermines Human Rights, Harms Families and Communities

Charleston Chronicle-12/12/18

Housing needed to solve homelessness, advocate says

Durango Herald-12/12/18

The Criminalization of Homelessness (Episode 26)


OPINION: A Year Without Sleep

Pagosa Daily Post-12/13/18

Housing needed to solve homelessness, advocate says

The Durango Herald-12/13/18

United Way of King County, King County Bar Association and Seattle Mariners announce $3 Million partnership to stop a leading cause of homelessness-eviction of tenants


Wherever I park my car, that’s my home: U.S. homeless find refuge in safe parking


New HUD report finds unsheltered homelessness on the rise in 2018


Serious Concerns About the Nomination of William Barr to be Attorney General of the United States

A pet is family no matter where you live, and some homeless shelters are recognizing that

Orange County Register-12/20/18

Report reveals drop in homeless

Indiana Journal-Gazette-12/20/18

Volunteers laid foundation for successful homeless foundation in Cortez

Durango Herald 12/22/18

Helping Without Hurting

2018: A review of the news in La Plata County

Durango Herald-12/28/18

The millionaires building private police forces in the US: Vigilantes or neighbourhood watch?

ABC news-12/28/18

What to expect in 2019: Moisture, a land-use code, trial for the murder of Dylan Redwine?

Durango Herald-12/29/18

Lawsuit Challenges Greensboro City Panhandling Ordinance


The DACA hiring dance


Greensboro’s Panhandling Ordinance Challenged in Federal Court

WFMY News 2-8/10/18

Homelessness not a crime, but can lead to tickets, jail

Sandiego Union Tribune-8/12/18

“It’s tricky:” How downtown businesses and residents navigate Cincinnati’s homeless population


Living Behind the Wheel. More Americans are sleeping in their cars than ever before. Should cities make space for them?


Proposed Onondaga County law would outlaw begging if it’s too aggressive


Health officials say no hazard, city pushes “Anderson dairy bill” anyway

Nevada Current-8/27/18

 Federal Judge Puts a Temporary Hold on San Diego Police Ticketing Homeless People Living in Their Vehicles


ACLU Calls to End Unconstitutional Panhandling Bans in 69 Ohio Municipalities

Cleve Scene-8/28/18

ACLU asks cities to repeal panhandling bans

The Columbus Dispatch-8/28/18

ACLU challenging Rockford’s panhandling prohibition

Rockford Register Star-8/28/18

ACLU of Iowa targets panhandling ordinances

The Gazette-8/28/18

 ‘Section 8 Need Not Apply’: States and Cities Outlaw Housing Discrimination


ACLU of Vermont Asks Towns to Repeal Anti-Panhandling Laws


ACLU: Panhandling ordinances in three Iowa cities are unconstitutional 
Des Moines Register-8/28/18

Civil liberties group challenges anti-panhandling ordinances

Newton Daily News-8/29/18

Groups challenging Joliet’s, others’ panhandling ordinances 
The Herald News-8/29/18

Decatur reviewing panhandling ordinance after ACLU challenge

ACLU tries to keep 10 NM cities from citing panhandlers 

Groups challenge panhandling ordinances in Peoria and 21 other Illinois cities 
Peoria Star-8/29/18

ACLU, homelessness advocates call on Illinois cities to repeal laws prohibiting panhandling, citing First Amendment
Chicago Tribune-8/29/18

Civil Liberties Group Challenges Anti-Panhandling Ordinances 
US News -8/29/18

Civil liberties group challenges anti-panhandling. 
Infosurhoy 8/29/18

ACLU of Iowa targets panhandling ordinances
The Gazette- 8/29/18

Civil liberties group challenges anti-panhandling ordinances

ACLU targets begging law in Altoona, other state cities 
Leader Telegram-8/29/18

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