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Today marks the third anniversary of the Housing Not Handcuffs Campaign. The Housing Not Handcuffs Campaign combats laws and policies that seek to criminalize people experiencing homelessness. Instead of addressing why residents are experiencing homelessness, cities have increasingly turned to punitive responses, such as criminalizing sleeping outside, in a tent, or in one’s vehicle. Enforcement of these tactics is ineffective, expensive, and only further stigmatizes unhoused people. Instead, cities should work to ensure its residents have access to affordable housing so that no one has to experience homelessness. With your support, the Housing Not Handcuffs Campaign has gained over 1,000 endorsers, reaching passionate individuals and organizations nation-wide. To further support the Campaign, please share the #HousingNotHandcuffs message and encourage others to endorse at https://www.housingnothandcuffs.org/endorsements/.

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