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We challenge laws that punish people for homelessness and poverty, and that make it even harder for them to find housing and jobs. And, we uphold the right of homeless people to vote—and to influence decisions that affect their lives. 

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Law Center's 2017 Accomplishments

In 2017, the Law Center advanced an ambitious agenda to prevent and end homelessness. Through litigation, education, and advocacy, we successfully defended the civil rights of people experiencing homelessness, strengthened renters' protections for low-income families, kept thousands of homeless children in school, and advocated for the human right to housing. These accomplishments were only possible because of the generosity of our many supporters like you. Thank you for your supportView 2017 accomplishments here.

Toolkit For Using Vacant Federal Property 
"Public Property/Public Need: A toolkit for using vacant federal property to end homelessness" is designed to help interested governments and non-profit organizations identify and successfully apply for properties available through the Title V Program. 
Law Center releases Tent City USA: The Growth of America's Homeless Encampments and How Communities are Responding 
The report reviews the rapid growth of homeless people living in tents across the United States over the past decade, as measured by documentation in media reports. View the report here, watch the webinar about the report, or view the press release here.

Law Center report suggests HUD Point-in-Time Count is inaccurate
Though HUD reported nearly 554,000 homeless Americans on any given nightitself a number that is unacceptably largethe Law Center's report suggests this number is a significant undercount. The report details flaws in HUD's inconsistent methodology, which particularly misses unsheltered homeless people. 


Lawsuits Protect Homeless People From Criminalization

Our new “Housing Not Handcuffs: A Litigation Manual” analyzes recent litigation trends and includes a how-to guide designed for legal advocates working in our nation’s courts to protect the rights of homeless people.
Housing Not Handcuffs: Finding Alternatives to Criminalization

Our Housing Not Handcuffs report shows that the criminalization of homelessness is increasing. Our campaign with the same name is focused on constructive alternatives. Learn more about the campaign, here.  Read about the Law Center on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website here