News Coverage

January 2015

New Executive Director for ACLU of Iowa
KGAN-TV CBS - 1/21/2015

Knight: Poverty, Homelessness Up, But Not 'Criminalized' Everywhere
Daily Review Atlas - 1/21/2015

Suspects in Beating Death of Homeless Man Remain at Large
Bay Area Indy Media - 1/19/2015

Homeless Man Arrested for Charging Cell Phone at Public Park
Alternative Media Syndicate - 1/15/2015

"No Place Like Home for the Holidays..."
The Huffington Post - 1/8/2015

Worcester's Buffer Zone Should Not Apply to Beggars
The Boston Globe - 1/9/2015

ACLU Asks Supreme Court to Rule on Wisconsin Voter ID Law
The Wisconsin Gazette - 1/8/2015

ACLU Seeks Supreme Court Review in Wisconsin Voter ID Case
ACLU - 1/7/2015

December 2014

As More Cities Ban Homeless Camps, More Homeless People Are Displaced
Atlanta Black Star - 12/25/2014

Homelessness in Hawaii - Catering to Tourists Comes at a Hefty Prices for Locals
The Economist - 12/20/2014

As More Cities Ban Homeless Camps, Advocates Cry Foul
Reuters - 12/23/2014

U.S. Laws Criminalizing Homelessness Mount, Even as Courts Strike Them Down
Mint Press News - 12/19/2014

Homeless Persons' Memorial Day Honored at Local Service
Tuscon News Now - 12/19/2014

ACLU Challenges New Brunswick's Ban on Begging
My Central Jersey - 12/18/2014

Stop Blaming the Homeless
Eureka Times Standard - 12/17/2014

Losing Homelessness in an Excel Sheet
Jacobin - 12/12/2014

'Cromnibus' Budget Bill Falls Short of Requested Funding for Homeless Assistance
RH Reality Check - 12/12/2014

This Texas City's Attempt to Fight Charities that Feed the Homeless Cost it 8 Years and $250,000
Think Progress - 12/11/2014

Dallas Approves New Homeless-Feeding Requirements, Along With Legal Settlement
The Dallas Morning News - 12/10/2014

We Still Believe in Human Rights 
United States Interagency Council on Homelessness Blog - 12/10/2014

Cities are Trying to Restrict Feeding the Homeless But Other Policies Actually Work
Vox - 12/10/2014

Bah Humbug! Anti-Homeless Laws Taint the Holiday Season 
CBN News - 12/9/2014

Recent History Doesn't Look Good for Fort Lauderdale Feeding Restrictions
Sun Sentinel - 12/5/2014

Criminalizing Homelessness Violates Civil Rights
Legal Bisnow - 12/4/2014

Preventing Homelessness
New University - 12/2/2014

Law Pushing Panhandlers off Medians Poses Paradox
USA Today - 12/1/2014

Outside the Box: Downtown Development is Casting a Light on Homelessness, But What Are We Doing About It?
The Tulsa Voice - 12/2014

November 2014
U.S. Delegation Contrite At U.N. Review on Torture
Mint Press News - 11/17/2014

America's Troubled War on Homelessness
Governing - 11/17/2014

Do New Laws Help or Hurt the Homelessness?
Stateline: The Pew Charitable Trusts - 11/17/2014

Want to Feed the Homeless? Be Prepared to Pay the Government for the Privilege
The Guardian - 11/14/2014

Forbidden to Feed the Homeless?
The Huffington Post - 11/13/2014

Advocates Say Homelessness Shouldn't Be a Crime 
WKAR: Public Media from Michigan State University - 11/13/2014

Manteca Joins Lengthening List of Cities Trying to Banish the Homeless
All Gov California - 11/12/2014

Florida City Will Throw Homeless People In Jaime for Asking for Money
Think Progress - 11/10/2014

1.3 Million Children Should Not Be Left Homeless
The Huffington Post - 11/10/2014

Fort Lauderdale Joins Bandwagon of Florida Cities Passing Anti-Homeless Laws

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