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August 2014:

09/02/2014 - Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Criticized by United Nations 
IPS News Agency
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08/29/2014 - States Classify Attacks Against Homeless As 'Hate Crimes' To Curb Rising Violence
The Huffington Post
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08/25/2014 - U.S. Has "Much Left To Do" On Racism: Segregation Worse Now Than In 70s

08/22/2014 - Trying To Live, Trying To Learn
The Denver Post
08/14/2014 - New York City's 'Poor Door' Trend Nothing New
Huffington Post
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08/14/2014 - Homelessness and the Impossibility of a Good Night's Sleep
08/06/2014 - Increasing Number of Laws Target Cities' Homeless Population
08/06/2014 - Report Finds Criminalization Increasing Nationwide
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08/06/2014 - With Ban On Panhandling, Skagit County City of Arlington Exemplifies National Trend

08/04/2014 - Former Police Chief: Anti-Homeless Laws in U.S. Are 'Close To Ethnic Cleansing'

08/03/2014 - US Cities' Crackdown On Homeless People Is 'Close to Ethnic Cleansing'
The Independent
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July 2014:

07/28/2014 - Seattle Looks Toward First Downtown School in Decades
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07/24/2014 - The Trendiest Law In America May Be A Ban On Sleeping In Cars
Next City
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07/23/2014 - Cities Criminalizing Homelessness Amid Urban Boom
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07/21/2014 - Anti-Homeless Laws In U.S. Cities Are On The Rise, Basically Outlawing Homelessness
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07/19/2014 - Homelessness Now a Crime in Cities Throughout the U.S.
PBS NewsHour
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07/18/2014 - Survey Concludes Miami-Dade's Treatment Of Homeless Is "Mixed Bag"
WLRN Miami South Florida
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07/17/2014 - American Cities Really Want to Arrest Homeless People for Sleeping in Cars
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07/17/2014 - U.S. Libraries Become Front Line In Fight Against Homelessness
Chicago Tribune
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07/16/2014 - Shunting the Homeless From Sight
New York Times
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07/16/2014 - 'Illegal to be Homeless' in Growing Number of Cities
CNN Money
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07/16/2014 - With A Series Of Small Bans, Cities Turn Homelessness Into A Crime
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07/16/2014 - Report: More Cities Pass Laws That Hurt The Homeless
USA Today
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07/16/2014 - More Cities Are Basically Making It Illegal To Be Homeless 
Huffington Post
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07/16/2014 - It Is Illegal For Homeless People To Sit On The Sidewalk In More Than Half Of U.S. Cities
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07/16/2014 - Advocacy Group: Camping Bans Like Denver's "Criminalize Homelessness"
Denver Post
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June 2014: 
06/26/2014 - Librarians Are Becoming Affordable Housing Advocates
Washington Post
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06/19/2014 - Appeals Court Panel Ends L.A. Ban on Homeless Living in Vehicles 
The Los Angeles Times reports on how the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit struck down a Los Angeles law preventing people from sleeping in their cars as a form of basic emergency shelter, when the City offered no other housing option. The ruling sends a clear message - that cities around the country cannot end homelessness by simply making it illegal. 
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06/08/2014 - More US Cities Are Cracking Down on Feeding the Homeless 
The VICE article examines the increasing number of anti-food sharing laws across the country and how they're negatively impacting the estimated 3.5 million people likely to experience homelessness in a given year.
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06/08/2014 - Homeless College Students And The Fight To Escape Poverty Through Education
06/03/2014 - Mayor Proposes 'Compassionate Disruption' Law to Criminalize Homelessness
ThinkProgress shows readers how Honolulu's new declaration of war on homelessness is really a war on the homeless. One of the city's initiatives is a ban on sitting or lying down on sidewalks, while another proposal could prohibit public urination or defecation. The city is also increasing efforts to capture and seize homeless people's property, and arrest them on minor violations. The article quotes Maria Foscarinis, founder and executive director of the Law Center, as she describes how cruel these initiatives are.
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May 2014: 

05/16/2014 - America's Homeless: the Rise of Tent City, USA
The CNNMoney article reports on homeless encampments (tent cities) which are emerging all over America. The article also quotes a Law Center report which documented media accounts of tent cities between 2008 and 2013; over 100 tent communities in the United States were sighted.
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05/13/2014 - The Crime of Feeding the Homeless
The article reports on anti-food sharing laws across America, the same kind that prohibited Chico and Debbie Jimenez, a couple who had been feeding the hungry at a Daytona Beach park for over a year until they were stopped by police, who fined them for breaking an anti-food sharing city ordinance. 
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April 2014: 

04/29/2014 - Federal Court Strikes Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law
The article reports on our Wisconsin; a federal court struck down Wisconsin's strict voter ID law which disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of homeless, poor and at-risk individuals. 
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04/23/2014 - D.C. Served 4,279 Homeless People On One Night This Winter
On January 30th, 4,279 people were in the shelter system, the highest number all season. While the number of individual men and women shelter occupants increased tremendously, they did not do so in the amount that families did. 
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04/22/2014 - Cities, Homeless Advocates Wage Battle Over Laws Against Feeding the Hungry
The FoxNews article draws on the recent case of Alabama pastor Rick Wood -- who was ordered to stop feeding homeless people in his community -- and ties the case to the trend of criminalizing homelessness in America. Jeremy Rosen, Law Center Advocacy Director, comments on these criminalizing laws as being "part and parcel of general efforts to move [the homeless] out of cities."
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04/15/2014 - Criminalizing Homelessness is Costly, Ineffective, and Infringes on Human Rights
04/08/2014 - Homeless Lose a Longtime Last Resort: Living in a Car
The article describes how cities across the U.S., like Silicon Valley, are cracking down on vehicle dwellers who were driven out of their apartments. Maria Foscarinis, executive director at the Law Center, says there has been a boost in "laws that criminalize [homelessness]," such as bans on camping in public places and restrictions on sitting and lying on sidewalks. Advocates say cities should do more to aid homeless people, rather than prosecute them.    
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March 2014: 
03/17/2014 - SLC Mayor Addresses U.N. Human Rights Committee
Salt Lake City’s Mayor, Ralph Becker, joined the State Department delegation in Geneva to address the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) on human rights, marriage equality and homelessness. Among other things, the Committee is reviewing the practice of criminalizing homelessness in the United States. Jeremy Rosen, the Law Center's Policy Director, is quoted at length and refers to the Law Center’s report, "Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading: Homelessness in the United States Under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" as it provides "ample reports" of such criminalization in the United States. 
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03/08/2014 - In Sonoma County, a Heartwarming Safe-Parking Program for the Homeless
In Sonoma County, a safe parking program was created in late January where homeless people could park and sleep in their cars without being disturbed by law enforcement. The Law Center's Policy Director, Jeremy Rosen, comments on this program in the LA Times article. The program is an emergency response to freezing weather, making it one of just a handful on the West Coast.

February 2014: 
02/07/2014 - Letter to the Editor; Washington Post
In reaction to the Post's Giving Shelter editorial which describes homelessness as a "complicated problem with no easy fix," advocates from various homeless organizations wrote a letter to the Editor offering up a simple solution to the homelessness problem: affordable housing.

January 2014: 

01/31/2014 - Homeless Students' Federal Court Case Here Could Impact Children Nationwide
The Law Center served as amicus curiae in the Allen V. Hoover City Schools case in the Northern District of Alabama in which the education rights of two homeless students were threatened. Lawsuits involving the McKinney-Vento Act typically settle out of court, and so, the fact that this case has gone to trial will likely have far reaching implications on the education rights of homeless students across the country. 
01/23/2014 - Is Your State Winning The Fight Against Homelessness? 
The homeless count needs to be taken with a grain of salt because the data could be under-counting the homeless population. The ThinkProgress article goes on to quote Maria Foscarinis, Founder and Executive Director of the Law Center, "communities have a lot of discretion in how they carry out these that can account for a lot of difference." 
01/16/2014 - Homeless Problem Bigger Than Our Leaders Think: Column
"Homelessness can and must be ended. But it won't be if our leaders report that there is no crisis." In this USA Today column, the Law Center's Executive Director, Maria Foscarinis, addresses the problems with HUD's recent report, that "says homelessness decreased by nearly 4% over the past year. But it doesn't actually measure homelessness." 
01/16/2014 - I Believe in Human Rights: Homelessness - Torture on the Streets of America
Eric Tars, the Director of Human Rights and Children's Rights Programs at the Law Center, shares his vision for America in his blog post: "I want to apply the universal standards that say housing is a human right here at home, just as we promote them abroad." The blog post is part of USICH's Human Rights blog series.

01/15/2014 - I Believe in Human Rights: Homelessness is Criminal - People Experiencing Homelessness Are Not
Maria Foscarinis, Founder & Executive Director of the Law Center, shares her family's story of homelessness and how it has motivated her to turn to the Law to make some positive change. She also assesses criminalization in her blog post, a practice which she views as exacerbating the issue of homelessness. The blog post is part of USICH's Human Rights blog series.
01/11/2014 - Tent Cities are Coming Down in New Jersey
Tent cities are coming down in New Jersey! The Law Center contributed to a brief on behalf of the homeless residents in the Lakewood Tent City. All of the homeless residents who participated in the court-ordered census last April are now being moved from the cold woods and into warm apartments. 

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