LINC (Local Information Network for Change) is the Law Center’s network of state and local organizations that work with and on behalf of homeless and poor people.  LINC ensures that the Law Center remains responsive to what’s happening on the ground, well helping state and local groups bring their concerns to a national stage,

LINC members are: direct service providers (e.g., shelters, soup kitchens, food banks); legal service providers; community and grass roots advocates (e.g., state and local coalitions for the homeless, and organizations of homeless and formerly homeless people); and individual advocates (e.g., social workers, homeless liaisons and case managers).

ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Founding members include:
  • Western Regional Advocacy Project (San Francisco);
  • Coalition for the Homeless (NYC);
  • Upstate Homeless Coalition of SC (Greenville);
  • Southern Legal Counsel, Inc. (Gainesville, FL);
  • Los Angeles Community Action Network; Illinois Hunger Coalition (Chicago);
  • Homeless Persons Representation Project (Baltimore, MD);
  • Homebase, The Center for Common Concerns (San Francisco);
  • Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless (Lynn, MA);
  • Oregon Law Center (Portland);
  • District Alliance for Safe Housing (WDC);
  • UNITY of Greater New Orleans;
  • New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness (Manchester);
  • Picture the Homeless (Bronx, NY);
  • Texas Homeless Network (Austin);
  • Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (WDC);
  • Florida Legal Services (Miami);
  • Bread for the City (WDC);
  • Michigan Poverty Law Program (Lansing);
  • Advocates for Children of NY, Inc. (NYC);
  • Partnering for Change (Los Angeles);
  • Greater Boston Legal Services, Inc.; and,
  • Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless.